The inventor of pick and mix was F. W Woolworth in the USA around 1886.Before its untimely demise in 2008, Woolworth’s was famous for its pick and mix sweets with UK stores stocking a vast range of weigh-out sweets. The original idea came to life in 1886 in the USA. However, if you wanted to buy authentic Woothworths pick and mix today, you would need to travel to Mexico, Jamaica or Germany.


    Mega quick and nice sweeties

    My daughter wasn’t well and I’m abroad with work so I sent her these as a little pick me up. They were delivered in less than an hour and she said they tasted good. 10/10, thank-you



    Great mix of sweets, took ten minutes from order to turning up at my door and they were super friendly.


    Never had a sweet order delivery so quickly they were literally here 5 mins after I order them.

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